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AQUA Real Estate is well known for its generous commission plans and first-class transaction support. Nonetheless, the revenue-share program sets our brokerage apart from other real estate brokerages.

Once you join forces with AQUA, you are eligible to earn additional passive income for each and every agent you recruit to the company.

We call our revenue-sharing program “Club AQUA.” Unlike some other companies, the revenue share program with Club AQUA is transparent and easy to understand. No convoluted multi-level plans that require you to meet minimum production levels or rely on variables you can’t control. No vesting time. No waiting. It’s straightforward and provides an agent with three sources of income.

Cash 💸 for Referrals.

Bring all your friends to CLUB AQUA.


AQUA agents who are new to AQUA are asked to identify the agent who "sponsored" or "referred" them to join the club.

The sponsor will receive 30% percent of the AQUA transaction fee revenue from the sales activity of their sponsored agent once the new agent begins closing transactions.

The sponsor will also earn a yearly "bonus dividend" for 20% of the revenue received by AQUA on any plan their sponsored agent subscribes to.

It’s important to note that AQUA pays that share, not the new agent.
The revenue-sharing income comes from the company’s commission split.

30% Transaction Income + 20% Bonus Dividend

Revenue vs. Profit Sharing


Profit Sharing is the process by which a brokerage shares some of the profits derived from the activities of its agents back with those agents. Initially, this concept appears generous until you realize profits are only shared after expenses have been accounted for. Overhead expenses include rent, insurance, utilities, salaries, and other costs. A profit-share model may have productive agents, but if the office or franchise is not profitable, there is minimal or zero profit sharing.

Aqua has a unique Revenue Sharing program in which it shares revenue before deducting expenses from each transaction. With our Club AQUA revenue share program, agents can earn additional passive income in three different ways.

Income Stream #1

Agents can profit from “sponsoring” new agents to AQUA every time that agent closes a sale for AQUA.

Income Stream #2

Agents can obtain a steady income stream by “sponsoring” new agents who join a monthly plan.

Income Stream #3

And, of course, when an agent completes their own transaction, the agents keep more of their commission than other brokerages in the industry with our low commission structure.

Revenue Sharing Example


Emerson, a broker with AQUA, recruited ten people to the company.

The ten brokers combined for $36,075 in transaction fee revenue for AQUA. The sponsor would receive $10,822 in revenue sharing.

Plus, the five brokers on the monthly plan contributed $13,140 to the company in monthly fee revenue. The sponsor would receive an additional $2,628 as a yearly bonus dividend.

*The example is based on a scenario of 12 (twelve) referred agents. Six (6) agents joining the AQUA Starter plan, three (3) on the AQUA Flex plan, three (3) on AQUA Pro plan with each agent completing three (3) transactions at an average $15,000 commission payout.

$18,933 Transaction Income + $3,584 Bonus Dividend = $22,517 Revenue Share Income

Income While at the Beach 🏖


AQUA’s Revenue Share program smooths out the slow months and improves the good months. Use it as additional income to take a well-earned beach vacation or as a cash infusion to expand your business.

Another reason Club AQUA’s Revenue Share is so important for real estate agents is that it allows agents to diversify their income. An agent can get consistent income even when they are not actively working.

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