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Efficiency is part of the recipe for success. AQUA Real Estate is the world’s first cloud-based brokerage offering commission and branding flexibility. We built our systems to make YOU the most efficient agent possible.

Being a cloud-based brokerage means driving into an office is now a thing of the past. You can work whenever and wherever you want. Work in any market you wish, from Ocean Shores to Spokane.

Cloud ☁ is the future,

but what are the key differences?


A cloud-based brokerage functions similarly to a traditional real estate office, except it exists entirely online. It is a virtual office environment accessible almost anywhere as long as a reliable internet connection is available. Realtors can access their business anywhere, anytime, and from nearly any electronic device.

Established and new real estate professionals can benefit from connecting with a cloud-based brokerage for several lucrative reasons. Increased profitability, access to top industry speakers, and support from a like-minded community are benefits real estate agents can expect to experience by joining a virtual real estate office.

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Benefits of Cloud-Based Brokerage

Increased Earning Potential


When realtors become part of a virtual brokerage, such as AQUA Real Estate, they instantly cut costs required to run their business. And they increase the number of commission monies that stays in their pocket.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Traditional Brokerages = A Retro Business Model

Retro is a cool style unless you are a real estate agent. The real estate industry is constantly evolving. And agents that continually earn top dollar often do so partly because they stay on top of developing trends and strategies.

Built-in Automation & Connectivity


Simply put, automation is your way of reducing manual work and letting your tools do more for you. This could be through email workflows, automated notifications, tasks for your team, or handy integrations between your real estate apps. With AQUA, we have automated the agents listing and buying process to give agents more time to do what they do best. SELL.

Full-Time Agents


Are you bogged down with your business and want to take it to the next level? Can’t seem to get over the hump because you spend so much time doing tasks that someone else could do but don’t have the time or money to train an assistant?

AQUA Real Estate will solve your problem. Not only do our tech systems we have in place to keep you organized. Our transaction coordinators, market assistants, and listing concierge services take the busy work out of your day.

You will have more time with loved ones and more time to grow your business to take it to the next level.

Part-Time Agents


Is real estate a second career but something you might have a passion for doing more in the future? AQUA is the perfect place to hang your license.

Our automated technology systems are as easy as reading a text message, coupled with our transaction coordinator services which take much work off your shoulders.

Too often, part-time agents give up or lose leads because they need more time. With Aqua, it is not only possible to service your clients while you are working another job; you can give them incredible service and turn them into referral machines.

New / Inexperienced Agents


A comprehensive learning platform is offered to all newly licensed agents so that they can gain the basic knowledge needed to start a successful real estate career. 

AQUA provides aspiring agents with hands-on learning opportunities to do the job. Also, agents can access open house opportunities in our vast pool of listings.

Our unique community in AQUA drives agents toward growing their careers of new agents.